We support women who have experienced domestic violence/abuse, taking care of their practical and emotional wellbeing.  In doing so, our many years experience has shown us the benefit of providing a holistic service

We have a passion for empowering women through a wrap around service whereby they are able to live their lives free from abuse.  Our holistic approach also responds to each woman’s requirements, tailoring support to meet her needs.


“I was able to be upfront with people who I had been intimidated by and actually cry where I had stopped and locked it away. Meeting others who had also experienced d.v. allowed me to discover a new way to relate to women. Meeting women who never knew it was ok to receive help because they always help others and forgot their own needs was the biggest turn around for me. I was told this is your space, you don’t have to do anything no having to work things out and be responsible for cleaning up etc. “


“Amazing teachers, facilitators Sharon and Natalie, they really are. They believe in you in me. I still think about their voice to help me to access my own. that’s what they did. They helped me open up my emotional wisdom. Quietly I saw changes in my life, like being able to get their on time to sleeping more soundly. They met me just where I was, stirred up lots of feelings, using arts to . I am humbled and grateful for them. Grateful to God for the attention they gave, the welcome they prepared as I  found myself unpicking a story I had buried.”


“Peace. They taught me to take care of my own pain first. Bring peace to my own heart first. Gosh that was a shock. That’s why I was scared of the workshop because that was what it actually was about. I was not there helping others as I tend to do. It was all me. Terrified and whats worst they took time with you .Oh my gosh That’s why it was a big deal to get there on time. They were actually going to listen.  They basically said it was a time to gather around, gather inward and move past self-blame, oddly do not even feel couda wouda should, did not even get there, it was just accepting that it really did happen. Not anger just shock really. They helped with the kindness as I thawed. They help me to stay with it with kindness as i looked at the wounded part.”


“Thank you I wish everyone woman has a Sharon and Natalie in their lives to help them respond to their real struggles without judgement. Tears come to my eyes as I appreciate the positive attention that I got and how it already helped. I sometimes felt I was a right chatter box which was such a difference from the first weeks where I wanted to run out of the room as women began to talk the real stuff of d.v. I was so in denial of my own, I sat there rigid but unable to move as each women melted me as I heard the stages Meet someone, nice, then it changes and then the process of degradation, humiliation and how you then find ways to grow, blossom and move on as a flower.”


“I had been congested with a lot of emotions and the workshops painting dancing, and so on where a surprising way for me to allow those tears to surface and get air. I needed the air. I really did without the judgement.”


“A safe social place.  Emphasis on safe and social.  Meeting people who may have experienced similar life experiences (negative) who may have coping mechanisms to share.

A place to be heard;

A place where I can speak without fear

A place where I will be listened to

Sharing respect

Motivating me to be interested in life

Getting me out of bed each Monday, even if I am late – I will push myself to attend

Introducing me to activities to develop into my own support mechanism

A good space that could and should reach more women

A local space (convenient) private, holistic

The calm atmosphere (within a quite busy area)

A women’s space: nurturing.”


“The art stuff was a good way to look again and the movement stuff was really good.  It stopped me from being so preoccupied with bad feelings.”

A nice check in place with people who care.  It’s warm, clean and local.”


These are a few testimonials from women who have attended our groups.  We have not included their names to maintain their anonymity.

 Sharon Sibble-Aimey MSc 

and Jennie Francis-Levers Dip. 


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